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Assessment of Medical Students’ Perception on the Healthcare System

Purpose: Major transformations going through the medical system have a significant impact on medical students, future physicians and their perception is a key factor in the ongoing evolution of the medical practice. We assessed medical students’ perceptions on healthcare system, patients care, the ethics of medicine, and the understanding of health policies.
Material and method: We studied data from 415 medical students who completed a survey questionnaire during a period of five months. Applied questionnaire was completed individually with single choice questions and privacy was respected. Students had the opportunity to make comments and sugestions to complex issues.
Results: In terms of professional orientation, an equal number of students opted for a medical and surgical specialty, while for medical research field there were only 10 responses. 91% of students believe that the medical system in Romania is not effective, while 47% considered the system is partially efficient. The perception on the healthcare system worsens as medical students approach their final years.
Conclusions: Students have shown pragmatism regarding the answers that targeted their professional options, the place where they want to practice, their choice of specialty and their perception of the healthcare system. The questionnaire identified major deficiencies in terms of financing of the health system, the ineffective administration of resources, poor management and low wages.

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