AMM 2022, Volume 68, Number 1


Emotional disorders associated to multiple sclerosis and psychological interventions: a literature review

Alina Schenk1, Cosmin Octavian Popa2, Cristiana Manuela Cojocaru1

Apathy as Non-Motor Manifestation in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis

Anca Moțățăianu1, Ioana Ormenișan2, Rodica Bălașa1

Original Research

The antibacterial potential of biosynthesized silver nanoparticles using beech bark and spruce bark extracts

Anca Delia Mare1, Adrian Man1, Felicia Toma1, Bianca Tudor1, Lavinia Berța2, Corneliu Tanase3, Cristina Nicoleta Ciurea1

Risk Assessment of Failures in Generic Drug Development and Approval Procedure under Competitive Generic Drug Therapy and Patent Challenge Exclusivities Provided by the United States Food and Drug Administration

M Vivek Reddy1, GNK Ganesh1, B Babu2, Ramesh Jagadeesan3, Praharsh Kumar MR4

Unified protocols for transdiagnostic treatment versus the Beckian’s approach of cognitive behavioral therapy for medical students with emotional disorders

Cosmin O. Popa1, Peter Olah2, Cristiana Cojocaru3, Zsolt Jakab3, Dana V. Ghiga4, Alina Schenk3

The influence of transport condition and processing time on plasma ammonia results

Karina-Alexandra Cojocaru1, Oana Roxana Oprea2,3, Minodora Dobreanu2,3

Case Report

Maturogenesis of an immature necrotic tooth with an extensive perirapical lesion using platelet rich fibrin

Bhaswati Chakraborty1, Ashwin Rao2

Rehabilitation of maxillary arch with attachment-retained reinforced single complete denture

Oana Cella Andrei1, Daniela-Ioana Tărlungeanu1, Ruxandra Mărgărit2, Gabriela Ciavoi3, Adriana Bisoc1

Chest wall secondary chondrosarcoma caused by malignant degeneration of an enchondroma: case report and literature review

Corina Florica Ioniță1, Ioana Iulia Cojocaru2, Adriana Gomotîrceanu1, Bogdan Andrei Suciu3, Doina Milutin2, Anca Alexandra Molnar2, Vlad Neag2, Ioana Hălmaciu3