AMM 2014, Volume 60, Number 1

Original Research

Anastomotic Leaks after Colorectal Surgery: a Prognostic Score

Caziuc Alexandra1, Mironiuc A2

Assessment of Periodontal Status of Surgically Exposed and Orthodontically Aligned Impacted Maxillary Canines

Coșarcă Adina¹, Păcurar Mariana², Petrovan Cecilia¹, Ormenișan Alina¹

Rectal Cancer — Sphincter Saving Techniques

Russu C, Molnar C, Pantiru C, Sărăcuț C, Gherghinescu M, Voidăzan S, Copotoiu C

The Association of Cholelithiasis and Colorectal Cancer

Sărăcuț C, Molnar C, Pantiru A, Russu C, Roșca C, Voidăzan S, Copotoiu C

Therapeutic Option in Patients over 60 Years with Esophageal and Esocardial Cancer

Roșca C, Molnar C, Popa D, Serac G, Gherghinescu M, Voidazan S, Copotoiu C

Case Report

Cardiac Computed Tomography Angiography for Imaging Coronary Arteriovenous Malformation: a Case Report

Suciu Zsuzsanna1, Jakó Beáta2, Benedek Theodora1, Benedek I1