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Managing editor: Adrian Man
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Aims and Scope

Acta Marisiensis - Seria Medica is the official publication of the George Emil Palade University of Medicine, Pharmacy, Science, and Technology of Târgu Mureş, being published by University Press.

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Current number
Volume 67, Issue 1, March 2021


Transcription factors of the core feedback loop in the molecular circadian clock machinery: internal timekeeping and beyond

Katalin Csép

The efficacy of cognitive-behavioral therapy for treating major depressive disorder comorbid with chronic disease

Cristiana M. Cojocaru, Cosmin Octavian Popa, Nicoleta Suciu, Oláh Péter, Alina Schenk, Simona Muresan

Original Research

Particular aspects of social integration among patients with schizophrenia

Andreea Salcudean, Eliza Dumitrita Sirbu, Daniela Muresan, Cristina Raluca Bodo

Protein level alteration of endocannabinoid system components after chronic, oral self-administration of three atypical antipsychotics in rat

László-István Bába1, Melinda Kolcsár1, Zsolt Gáll1, László Csaba Bencze2, Adrian Man3, Imre Zoltán Kun4

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the educational process of Dental Medicine Department students in Oradea University during the lockdown period

Gabriela Ciavoi1, Catalina Farcasiu2, Edwin Sever Bechir3, Magdalena Natalia Dina2, Titus Alexandru Farcasiu2, Daniela Ioana Tarlungeanu2, Oana Cella Andrei2

Educational design research, an innovative method to investigate virtual reality applications in disaster management training programs

Emilia Turucz1, Sorana Teodora Truta1, Maria Dorina Pașca2, Ernő Jerzicska3, Cristian Marius Boeriu1, János Szederjesi4, Leonard Azamfirei5

The effect of amygdala low-frequency stimulation on inter-hippocampal connectivity in the pilocarpine model of epilepsy

István Mihály, Ádám-József Berki, Károly Orbán-Kis, Zsolt Gáll, Réka-Barbara Bod, Tibor Szilágyi

The impact of body mass index on lipid profile, blood pressure, and glycemic control in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus: a comparative study

Alina Elena Răuță1, Robert Aurelian Tiucă2, Alina Dia Trâmbițaș-Miron3, Mariana Cornelia Tilinca4

Romanian adaptation of Centrality of Religiosity Scale and the utility of this scale in cognitive-behavioral therapy for religious populations

Adrian V. Rus1, Alexander Clark2, Aurelian Petrus Plopeanu3, Elena Adriana Tomuletiu4, Anca Bejenaru5, Ecaterina Stativa6, Wesley C. Lee1, Sheri R. Parris7, Cosmin Octavian Popa8, Simona Muresan8

Protocol modification proposed for congenital hypothyroidism screening programme in Romania

Imola Gyorfi1, Stefan Barbu1, Oana Oprea1,2, Minodora Dobreanu1,2



Published online ahead of print


Advantages of lung ultrasound in triage, diagnosis and monitoring COVID-19 patients: review

Bianca Emilia Ciurba1, Hédi Katalin Sárközi1,2, István Adorján Szabó1,2, Nimród László1, Edith Simona Ianosi1,2, Maria Ianosi2, Gabriela Jimborean1,2

Original Research

A brief reflection on the role of cholesterol in psychopathology among female psychiatric patients

Edina Dimeny1, Erika Bán2, Attila Brassai2

High-risk morphological features are less prevalent among small (<5mm) papillary thyroid microcarcinomas compared to larger (≥5mm) tumors: a study of 206 cases

Emőke – Andrea Szász1, Adela Nechifor-Boilă1,2, Ancuța Zahan1, Angela Borda1,3

How we did it - an easy and feasible experimental rat model of protective role of Lipid Emulsion in Ropivacaine induced Local Anesthetic Systemic Toxicity - technique presentation and preliminary results

Alexandra Lazar, Marcel Perian, Bogdan Cordoș, Mircea Gherghinescu, Bianca Liana Grigorescu

Beneficial effects of metformin on haloperidol-induced motor deficits in rats. A behavioral assessment

George Jîtcă1,2, Zsolt Gáll1, Camil E Vari1, Bianca E Ősz1, Amelia Tero-Vescan3, Alexandra Groșan1, Maria T. Dogaru1

Formulation and Evaluation of Sustained Release Ibuprofen Matrix Tablets Using Starch from Maize Genotypes as Polymer

Lateef Gbenga Bakre1, Emmanuel Akinyele1, Oluyemisi Bamiro1, Olutayo Adeleye1, Olobayo Kunle2

Case Report

Management of late onset recurrent ventricular tachycardia following circumflex artery injury during minimally invasive mitral valve replacement surgery – Clinical case report

Timea Magdolna Szabo1,2, Mihaela Ispas1, Ayman Elkahlout1