A Novel Disease Caused by Increase of the Lifespan: Chronic Cutaneous Insufficiency Syndrome or Dermatoporosis

DOI: 10.1515/amma-2015-0020

Nowadays we are witnessing an increase in the medium lifespan caused by improved living conditions. The main factor in skin ageing is represented by the chronic exposure to ultraviolet radiation, however long term use of systemic or topical corticosteroids could produce similar effects on the skin. Chronic cutaneous insufficiency syndrome or dermatoporosis was described in 2007, being caused by a decreased activity of the hyaluronic acid, the main component of the extracellular matrix. This mechanism translates clinically through atrophy in the forearms or calves. Other injuries develop on this background including skin dissecting hematoma, which is a medical emergency. Therapeutic attitude consists of local application of preparations containing hyaluronic acid and retinaldehyde and discerning use of corticosteroid therapy. Photoprotection has a certain role in preventing the disease. While today dermatoporosis is a little known dermatosis even among dermatologists, in the future we will see a significant increase in the incidence of the disease and its gravity.

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