AMM 2014, Volume 60, Number 6


Luxury and necessity

Sanda-Maria Copotoiu


The inner representation of the external world - from conditioned reflexes to high level mental functions in the light of Nobel Prizes

Szilágyi T*, Orbán-Kis K

The Usefulness of White Light Endoscopy, Narrow Band Imaging, and Magnification for the Optimization of Diagnosis in Barrett’s Esophagus

Boeriu Alina1*, Brusnic Olga1, Onișor Danusia1, Pascarenco Ofelia1, Boeriu C2, Dobru Daniela1

Original Research

Cortical Epileptogenesis of Slowly Kindled Freely Moving Rats

Orbán-Kis K*, Száva Iringó, Szilágyi T

Improved Cardiac Protection with Sabax Cardioplegia in Langendorff Isolated Rat Hearts

Perian M1*, Mărginean M1, Dobreanu D1,2, Scridon Alina1

Experimental Research on the Interactions Between some Anxiolytics and Dietary Sodium Monoglutamate

Buzescu Anca, Cristea Nicoleta Aurelia*, Chiriac Alexandra, Chiriță C

Clinical Evaluation of Periodontal Health During Orthodontic Treatment with Fixed Appliances

Hănțoiu T*, Monea Adriana, Lazăr Luminița, Hănțoiu Liana

Limitations When Use Chloramphenicol-b-Cyclodextrins Complexes in Ophtalmic Solutions Buffered with Boric Acid/Borax System

Todoran Nicoleta, Ciurba Adriana*, Rédai Emőke, Ion V, Lazăr Luminița, Sipos Emese

Diagnostic and Prognostic Particularities of the Implications of the Presence of Tumor Necrosis Factor Alpha in Patients with Periodontal Disease

Yero Ieremie Lia Maria, Lazăr Luminița*, Ciurba Adriana

Case Report

Left Bisegmentectomy for Liver Cirrhosis Associated Primary Hepatic Carcinoma With Preoperative Chemoembolization

Molnar C*, Silaghi C, Rosca C, Marginean L, Butiurca VO, Tudor A, Copotoiu C

The value of Histopathological Diagnosis in Rupoid Psoriasis Accompanied by Fever. A Case Report and a Review of the Literature

Morariu SH1, Badea MA2*, Vartolomei MD3, Badea Iudita Maria4, Cotoi OS5

An unusual Case of Cardiac Syncope and Acute Coronary Syndrome – A Case Report

Chitu Monica1*, Benedek Theodora1, Condrea S2, Blendea C1, Benedek I1