Development of a Dissolution Method for Modified Release Tablets Containing an Insoluble Active Substance

Objective: The aim of the present work is to develop a discriminative dissolution method for a practically insoluble pharmaceutical active substance such as indapamide.
Methods: Dissolution testing was performed in compliance with USP, using USP apparatus 2. The proper dissolution medium and the optimal rotation per minutes of the apparatus were optimized. In order to quantify the dissolution of indapamide from modified release tablets, a high liquid chromatographic method was developed and validated.
Results: An HPLC method was developed in order to provide adequate specificity trying several column types and different mobile phases. We selected the proper dissolution medium based on indapamide solubility, we determined the optimal speed of rotation of the dissolution tester for the indapamide in the selected medium, then we proved the discriminating power of the developed dissolution method.
Conclusions: A robust and discriminating HPLC method for analyzing dissolution samples containing indapamide was developed and successfully validated.

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