Ex vivo permeability study and in vitro solubility characterization of oral Canagliflozin self-nanomicellizing solid dispersion using Soluplus® as a nanocarrier

DOI: 10.2478/amma-2024-0011

Background and objective: Self-nanomicellizing solid dispersion SNMSD is a new formulation that combines solid dispersion and nanomicelle strategies; the strategy involves utilizing a suitable carrier that self-assembles into nanomicelles when interacting with gastrointestinal fluids. Canagliflozin, a sodium-glucose cotransporter-2 inhibitor for treating type 2 diabetes, has been linked to poor absorption due to its insolubility in aqueous media. The study aimed to create self-nanomicellizing solid dispersion systems for canagliflozin to overcome its pharmaceutical limitations and improve oral bioavailability.
Materials and Methods: Soluplus® was chosen as a nanocarrier to improve canagliflozin solubility after screening several polymers using a phase solubility study. The solvent evaporation method was selected for preparing the solid dispersion. The optimal formula was characterized through ex vivo permeability and in vitro studies.
Results: The CFZ-SNMSD formula, with a particle size PS of 60.77±1.00 nm and polydispersity index PDI of 0.06±0.02, has a stable distribution upon dilution to 20-fold with water. The apparent solubility of canagliflozin in the optimized CFZ-SNMSD formula was enhanced by 904.40±4 folds due to amorphization and nanomicellization, as demonstrated by transmission electron microscopy. CFZ-SNMSD formula showed a significant enhancement in dissolution rate compared to the physical mixture and pure drugs. The dissolution efficiency parameter confirms these findings (DE30, CFZ-SNMSD = 77.20% compared to DE30, pure drug = 18.28%). Studies show that canagliflozin’s permeability increases exponentially over time due to Soluplus® dispersibility, solubilization, and glycoprotein inhibitory effect, enhancing bioavailability and overcoming GIT membrane barriers.
Conclusions: The study indicates that canagliflozin self-nanomicellizing solid dispersion systems are promising methods for improving the oral bioavailability of canagliflozin medication.

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