Romanian Young People’s Drinking Habits

DOI: 10.2478/amma-2014-0039

Objective: Alcohol use can cause social problems. Beside alcoholism the “binge drinking” and the “pre-drinking” could be a harmful form of alcohol use based on scientific literature data. In this study the alcohol use behaviors and associated problems were evaluated among young people aged between 14-30 years.
Methods: The study was carried out using a self reporting questionnaire, containing the Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test (AUDIT) developed by World Health Organization and 10 more questions. This questionnaire was created in two languages (Romanian, Hungarian) and uploaded to the on-line survey page ( The link was shared at different Facebook groups.
Results: The questionnaire was completed by 933 young people. There was a predominance of females (66.99%) and the participant’s average age was 22.12 years (±2.78). The results show that males’ relative risk (RR) for alcoholism is 7.18 (CI95%, 3.47-14.85). Majority (539; 57.77%) of the participants had at least one time binge drinking, from this 36.66% were occasionally binge drinkers and 21.11% were regular binge drinkers. More males binge drinkers were found then females (RR: 1.72; CI95%, 1.55-1.90). The people who participate in pre-drinking have RR of 2.14 (CI95%, 1.89-2.41) for binge drinking. The binge drinkers have RR of 2.58 (CI95%, 1.78-3.37) for drunk driving.
Conclusions: Binge drinking is a really common habit among young people. Measures to reduce the risk or prevent the harmful consequences of this habit should be employed.

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