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The Correlation Between Personality Dimensions and Young People’s Choice of a Medical Career

DOI: 10.1515/amma-2016-0052

Objective: The research assumes that there is a correlation between personality dimensions Extraversion and Conscientiousness which mean autonomy, ambition and consistency of purpose, self-efficacy and determination for young people who want to aspire to a medical career.
Methods: In this study’s target group were included 130 students aspiring to a medical career, that participated in the summer school organized by UMF Tirgu-Mures in 2016, of which 25 (19%) male and 106 (81%) female, average overall age group being 17.23.
Results: Within the female group, the Pearson cross-correlation coefficient of Openness and Conscientiousness is r. Pearson (105) = – .20, p <0.05. The Pearson coefficient of cross-correlation between Extraversion and Conscientiousness is = – .20, p <0.05. The Pearson coefficient of cross-correlation between emotional stability and conscientiousness is r. Pearson (105) = .36, p <.001. In the male group, the Pearson cross-correlation coefficient between the Extraversion and Conscientiousness personality dimensions is r. Pearson (N = 25) = -.39 where p <0.05.
Conclusions: The Extraversion dimension of personality is a dynamic factor and motivator only when it is correlated with the Conscientiousness personality dimension. This indicates dynamism and autonomy, persistence in achieving goals, ambition, high motivation, interpersonal social intelligence and emotional stability, resulting a personality profile that matches one of the aspirants to a medical career.

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