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Liver Metastases: Incidence and Clinicopathological Data

Aim: To investigate the clinicopathological features of liver metastases diagnosed in Mureș County, Romania.
Material and method: We performed a retrospective study based on data collected from histopathological reports stored in the archives of the Pathology Laboratories of Emergency Mures County Hospital, Romania. We selected those patients’ data that were diagnosed with liver metastases during January 2004 – August 2011. The acquired data were collected and processed statistically by using the GraphPad InStat Demo 3 statistical software.
Results: We identified 748 liver tumours out of which 484 were liver metastases. The liver metastases: primary liver tumours ratio was 1.833:1. In cases of liver metastases, the male:female ratio was 1.45:1. The mean age of male patients was 62.13 (±10.79 years) as for female patients it was 61.61 (±10.82 years). In most of the cases (34.71%) the primary tumor was colorectal carcinoma followed by pancreatic carcinomas (16.52%).
Conclusions: Most cases of liver metastases are carcinomas, whereof the most frequent ones originate from the digestive area, respectively gastrointestinal tract and pancreas. Independently by the primary tumour, liver metastases occur more frequent in males, in their 7th decade of life.

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