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Medical Staff’s Opinions Regarding Factors which Influence the Case Management of Children with Insulin-dependent Diabetes Mellitus

DOI: 10.1515/amma-2016-0040

Insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus (IDDM) is a chronic disease with high incidence, especially in children, and for a better outcome the individual case management is required. The patient and his family can experience different levels of anxiety, with negative effects on disease evolution and prognosis.
Objectives: identify relevant factors which influence the case management of children with IDDM. The implementation of the results of this study will help to elaborate an efficient method of intervention for improving the treatment adherence and obtaining a better outcome of IDDM in children.
Methods: A semi-structured interview was done individually to 10 experts in diabetes for collecting their opinion concerning relevant factors that may influence treatment adherence and what are the characteristics of an efficient method of intervention.
Results: Majority of experts considered that the main factor which influences the outcome is doctor-patient relationship. The need of child, to feel that it is understood and protected, was considered that can directly motivate a better self-management and a good outcome. The increase of importance of individual resources of children with IDDM and accent on the quality of life of those children could be considered a starting point for creating a psychological clinic intervention in this field. The results were compared with scientific literature data.
Conclusions: understanding of the causes which have interfered negatively with therapeutic plan is a starting point for develop a clinical – psychological protocol for children with IDDM.

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