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Clinical and Radiographic Evaluation of Direct Pulp Capping Procedures in Permanent Teeth

Background: The dental pulp can be exposed by trauma or during cavity preparation and the decision between pulp capping and root canal therapy is a clinical issue.
The aim of this study was to evaluate the outcome of direct pulp capping procedures in permanent teeth.
Material and methods: Thirty-nine patients with pulp exposure were evaluated clinical and radiological after direct pulp capping procedure and followed for at least 24 months. The result was considered successful if the tooth tested was vital, without symptoms and no periapical radiolucencie.
Results: The success rate of direct pulp capping was 58.9%, associated more with mechanical exposure than with carious exposure (83.3% versus 48%, p < 0.05) and more with class I occlusal restorations (77.7%) than with proximal restorations (class II 44.4%, class III 41.6%, p < 0.05).
Conclusions: The success rate of direct pulp capping was 83.3% with mechanical exposure and 48% with carious exposure.

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