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Current Surgical Attitude Towards Hydatid Liver Disease – Experience of Ist Surgical Department of the Emergency Hospital of Craiova

DOI: 10.2478/amma-2014-0016

Introduction: The aim of this study is the evaluation of the diagnostic and therapeutic strategy in liver hydatid disease.
Methods: We analyzed 97 cases of liver hydatid cyst (63 females/34 males, aged between 5 and 85 years) hospitalized in the Ist Surgical Department of the Emergency County Hospital of Craiova between 2000 and 2012. The diagnosis was established clinically, by laboratory and imaging tests.
Results: The hydatid cysts were unilocular in 60 cases, the majority (68.31%) being located on the right liver, multilocular in 39 cases, located on both lobes of the liver (9.9%); 17 patients had other locations of the cysts as well (spleen 5 cases, peritoneum 12 cases). Fourty-five (46.39%) cases were uncomplicated and the other 52 cases presented one ore more evolutionary complications: biliary – 44 (43.36%), infection – 15 (14.85%), rupture into peritoneum – 12 cases and bilio-bronchial fistula in 1 case. All patients were operated: 90 patients by open surgery and 7 by laparoscopic approach. Albendazole was administered as prophylaxis of postoperative recurrence. In 73 cases (72.27%) the evolution was favorable. We recorded 26 cases (25.74%) of postoperative complications: infectious – 9 cases, external biliary fistula – 12 cases and general complications in 6 cases. The overall postoperative mortality was 2.06%. We did not register any postoperative complication in the laparoscopic group.
Conclusions: Laparoscopic approach is both safe and feasible, with well codified indications. The most important factor to achieve a successful laparoscopic procedure is the adequate selection of patients. Both intraoperative and postoperative data clearly indicated that the minimal invasive approach provided superior results to open access surgery in terms of complications rate, early recovery and hospital stay.

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