The Role of SCID II in Diagnosis of Cluster B – Personality Disorders Associated or Not with Affective Comorbidity – a Pilot Study

Background: Affective co-morbidities are often associated with Cluster B – personality disorders,so it is very important to pay attention when we put these diagnoses.
Aim: To investigate the applicability of SCID II to patients with personality disorders.
Material and method: We applied the SCID II – The Structured Clinical Interview for DSM IV Axis II Personality Disorders, to a group of 10 patients with cluster B personality disorders with affective disorders as depression, anxiety or both admitted to The Psychiatric Clinic II Targu Mures, Romania at admission, at the end of the hospitalization, and every 3 months for a year (2009), which we compared with a group of 5 patients without affective disorders followed also for a year.
Results: We observed the time needed to complete the test, the way of answering the questions, at both groups, from admission to discharge and every three months for a year.
Conclusion: The diagnosis of personality disorders, with or without affective comordity can be established using this psychometric instrument – SCID II.

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