Alcohol Consumption and the Risk of Developing Colorectal Cancer and Colorectal Polyps

Purpose: Among other risk factors in the developing of colorectal polyps and colorectal cancer, alcohol consumption represents a real risk factor. We have studied the association between alcohol consumption and the risk of developing colorectal cancer and colorectal polyps.
Materials and methods: We conducted a retrospective study reviewing the medical records of all consecutive patients hospitalized with mucosal modifications at the colon level, investigated by colonoscopy in the 1st Clinic of Gastroenterology of Tîrgu Mureș between 2008 and 2011.
Results: We analyzed 324 patients with colorectal cancer and colorectal polyps, compared with 352 control patients investigated in our medical institution. We had 87 patients with colorectal cancer, out of which 1 patient was an ex-drinker, 31 were occasional drinkers and 17 regular drinkers. We found a strong positive association between alcohol consumption and the risk of colorectal cancer: ex drinkers – statistically insignificant; occasional drinkers – OR = 4.04, CI: 2.31–7.06; regular drinkers – OR = 5.45, CI: 2.65–11.18. Concerning the 237 patients with colorectal polyps we obtained similar results: 5 ex-drinkers – statistically insignificant; 76 occasional drinkers – OR = 3.46, CI: 2.28–5.23; 47 regular drinkers – OR = 5.25, CI: 3.05–9.13.
Conclusions: Our results suggest that alcohol consumption elevates the risk of colorectal polyps and colorectal cancer.

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