AMM 2023, Volume 69, Number 2


Prevalence of human Papillomavirus associated oropharyngeal and oral squamous cell carcinoma in Asian countries: A systematic review and large-scale meta-analysis

Yy Jean Tan1, Ken Wong Siong Hou2, Galvin Sim Siang Lin3, Jasmine Lim Suk Wun4, Wan Nor Amira Wan Ahmad Abdul Nasir1, Lynn Wei Linn Ko5

Should we screen for sarcopenia in Romanian patients with osteoporosis? An overview of the current knowledge on osteosarcopenia

Gabriela Mihai, Ionela Maria Pascanu

Recent progress in apoptosis triggering facilitated by HeLa Studies

Maria Teodora Constantin1, Marius Alexandru Beleaua2,3

Original Research

Hyperkalemia, self-medication, and over-the-counter drug usage in patients with cardiovascular disease in the perspective of polypragmasy

Erika-Gyöngyi Bán, Zsuzsánna Simon-Szabó, Eszter-Anna Dho-Nagy, Patrick Lechsner

Inter-observer variability on the value of endoscopic images for the documentation of upper gastrointestinal endoscopy - our center experience

Ioana Natalia Bernatchi1, Septimiu Voidazan2, Madalina Ioana Petrut1, Gabriella Gabos1, Madalin Balasescu3, Carmen Nicolau1

Comparative clinical evaluation of xenograft (Cerabone) versus allograft combined with platelet-rich fibrin for treatment of grade II mandibular furcation defects

Suhina Mitra1, Deepa G. Kamath1, Nishmitha D. Shetty1, Srikanth N2

Detection of serum telomerase and fibronectin as precursor markers of cervix cancer in patients with a positive Pap test

Toader Septimiu Voidăzan1, Florin Francisc Rosznayai2, Cosmina Cristina Uzun3, Zsolt Kovacs3, Sabin Gligore Turdean4, Budianu Mihaela-Alexandra1

Case Report

The importance of early diagnosis and surveillance in Peutz-Jeghers Syndrome: A case report

Marina-Georgia Balosin

Vincristine, doxorubicin and cyclophosphamide chemotherapy induced oral chronic hyperplastic candidiasis and xerostomia in a young patient with Ewing’s sarcoma: A case report

Harshita Sharma, Charisma Thimmaiah, Almas Binnal, Manoj Kumar Golla, BS Suprabha

Oral manifestations of amyloidosis in a multiple
myeloma patient: A case report

Jayachandran Sadaksharam1, Sophia Jeba Priya1, Sripriya Subramaniam1, Archana Muralidharan2

Complicated idiopathic portal and mesenteric venous thrombosis: A case report

Dan Nicolae Bele