Imaging the Adverse and Late Effects in the Treatment of Colorectal Cancer

Side effects are common in the clinical practice and its diagnosis and radiologic manifestations are not always evident or known. Adverse effects may cause medical complications of a disease or a procedure and negatively affect its prognosis. Several typical patterns can be recognized on imaging and making a correct diagnosis has relevant clinical and therapeutic implications.
In this article we present a part of our preliminary results of the retro- and prospective study started in 2009 in the National Institute of Oncology. The aim of the study is to evaluate the imaging diagnostic examinations (US, CT, MR, PET/CT) of patients who have been diagnosed, treated and operated in the Hungarian National Institute of Oncology from 01 January, 2008. In this part we analyze the post-therapeutic consequence symptoms, side- and late effects during the treatment of colorectal cancer patients.

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