Psychological Autopsy — An Effective Method for the Positive Diagnosis of Suicide in Schizophrenia

Purpose: This paper aims to analyze suicide in schizophrenia in terms of application of psychological autopsy.
Material and methods: We studied 53 persons who committed suicide between 2000–2009. We carried a series of interviews with people close to the persons who committed suicide, to analyze the motivation behind the suicidal act. The method chosen for the interviews was empathic post-suicide listening in parallel with a questionnaire.
Results: Disorganized and paranoid types of schizophrenia have led to most victims. 22.6% of the persons who committed suicide had auditory hallucinations with imperative suiciding character.
Conclusions: Detecting suicidal motivations and their understanding plays an important role in shaping a socio-psychological or a psychopathological profile by interpreting sociological, familial parameters, with emphasis on the personal dynamics of selfdestructing behavior, adult characteristics and identification of the persons with an increased suicide risk.

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