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Screening the Presence of Amflora Transgenic Potato in Food or Feed Products

DOI: 10.1515/amma-2016-0051

Objective. Amflora potato, event EH92-527-1 was genetically modified to produce only the amylopectin component from starch composition. The presence of the transgenic potato in the food on Romanian market should be verified although the Amflora potato uses for industrial purposes and animal feed. The aim of this study was to detect the presence of the Amflora potato in the food or feed products.
Methods. For this purpose, five samples of potato tubers and four samples of chips were analyzed. DNA isolation was performed with E.Z.N.A. ® MicroElute Genomic DNA kit (Omega Bio-Tek, USA). For identification a potential presence of the recombinant DNA in the food samples it was used GMOIdent RT Event EH92-527-1 Potato kit (Eurofins GeneScan, Germany), that is a real-time PCR kit for qualitative event-specific detection of AmfloraTM EH92-527-1 potato.
Results. Amflora transgenic potato was not detected in any of analyzed samples.
Conclusions. The results of real-time PCR method confirm the absence of Amflora event EH92-527-1 in all potato tubers and chips analyzed samples.

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