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Development of semisolid pharmaceutical forms with mometasone furoate

DOI: 10.2478/amma-2023-0045

Objective: This study aims to develop semisolid pharmaceutical forms for the topical administration of mometasone furoate.
Methods: Two creams (O1 and O2) and four hydroxypropyl methylcellulose-based hydrogels were prepared (H3-H6). Two different sorts of hydroxypropyl methylcellulose were used in concentrations of 15 and 20%. Consistency, spreadability, viscosity, and pH were measured. In vitro drug release was determined by a vertical, Franz diffusion cell. Mathematical models were applied for a better understanding of release phenomena.
Results: O1 and O2 presented lower values for penetration depth and spreadability. Hydrogel viscosity is influenced by the type and concentration of the gel-forming agent. Viscosity decreases in the order H6, H5, H4, and H3. pH varies between 4.6 to 5.92, fulfilling the requirements of European Pharmacopiea. Creams showed 5.49 and 6.59% of mometasone released after 6 hours. The lowest viscosity hydrogel presented the best dissolution of 40.11% mometasone after 6 hours.
Conclusions: H3 hydrogel releases the highest amount of mometasone furoate after 6 hours. The release is best described by the Korsmeyer-Peppas model explained by water diffusion and polymeric chain relaxation happen during the swelling of the polymer.

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