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Association Between Tooth Agenesis and Polymorphisms of FGFR1, IRF6, MSX1 and PAX9 Genes in Patients from Tîrgu Mureş

Aim: Tooth agenesis is the most prevalent congenital malformation in humans. Many studies showed the importance of genetic factors in the emergence of tooth agenesis. MSX1, PAX9, PVRL1, IRF6, FGFR1, AXIN2 are genes involved in tooth agenesis. In this study we attempted to determine genetic traits data of patients from Tîrgu Mureş regarding tooth agenesis.
Material and method: Thirtyfour patients with tooth agenesis and 51 healthy volunteers were examined. Oral mucosal scrapings were collected from all the subjects. DNA was isolated and a genotyping experiment was performed. The procedures included four single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs): PAX9 -912 C/T, MSX1 3755 A/G, FGFR1 T/C, and IRF6 A/G.
Results: Besides the dominant allele, we observed the presence of the rare allele as well in each investigated polymorphism. There was a statistically significant difference in the distribution of the FGFR1 T/C gene polymorphisms between the two groups (p=0.02). Differences in the distribution of the IRF6, MSX1 and PAX9 gene polymorphisms were not significant statistically (p>0.4).
Conclusions: Our study showed, that FGFR1 T/C (26190464) polymorphism is a significant risk factor for non-syndromic tooth agenesis, preferential premolar agenesis. PAX9 and MSX1 gene may be associated with syndromes that include tooth agenesis. Further investigations are needed.

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