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Evaluating demand of High Dependency Unit beds in a hospital with insights on return on capital investment

DOI: 10.2478/amma-2023-0033

Introduction: Hospital administration will have to constantly work around predicting demand of the critical care beds and evaluating the options of expanding the existing capacity. These expansions will be constantly requested by clinicians in private hospitals in India. It becomes imperative to infuse capital into such expansions predicting the utilisation pattern of the new beds. This study concentrates on factors considered for estimating the infrastructure enhancement in step down beds in progression of patient care.
Methodology: Retrospective measurement of past bed occupancy rates of existing critical care beds, number of patients denied admissions through emergency department due to lack of intensive care beds was counted during previous 1 year. Cost estimates of building, equipment, manpower was collected. The prices that can be charged per rack basis was estimated, for revenue calculation. Return on investment tool using annual revenues divided by annual investment was used to measure the outputs.
Results: For setting up a 34 bed HDU (High Dependency Unit), 4760 square feet of space was utilised, with USD 594,555 as investment, at a revenue of USD 527,425, which is 75% return in first year, provided occupancy is at 100%. At occupancy of 60%, which was seen within 6 months of commissioning new HDU, the breakeven can be achieved at 450 days. At 100% occupancy breakeven can be achieved in 290 days.
Conclusion: Demand estimation and Utilisation analysis is valuable tools for administration to make decisions on major capital investments.

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